About The Pan Oceanic Owners Group - "POG"
The owners group was formed in early 2000, sprouting from an e-mail from PO43 owner Tom Bradley. Tom's e-mail was to the few Pan Oceanic owners he had discovered via the Internet, asking if there was interest in forming an informal owners group. Keith Smith and Doug Dotson responded yes, and three members strong POG was born. Keith volunteered to provide this web site, which is how we have spread the word and now grown to over 150 members.

POG does not publish a newsletter, but rather uses this web site and a mailing list as the groups communications tools. Having no real expenses, we don't have "dues and all that" in the way many owners groups do. Frankly, we'd rather mess with our boats than set up a separate bank account etc. for an owners group. So no charge. All we hope for is your participation, sharing ideas and experiences with other owners.

To join POG, just click on that "Click to Join" button. You'll join the Yahoo email list.

This web site continues to grow with info from POG members, all sharing knowledge about their boats. Please email in information & pictures about your boat. New projects. Cruising ideas. The ways you've found to sail your boat better. The organization is open to current and prospective owners of Pan Oceanic Yachts.

We do have one possible dues structure. If a POG member finds him / herself in another members town, they need to get together and have a beer (actual beverage selection optional) and talk about boats.

Thanks for learning more about POG. We really like our boats.