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This is the home page of POG - the Pan Oceanic Owners Group. POG is an association of owners of Pan Oceanic sailboats with members around the globe - over 200 members with boats in 6 different countries. Several of the boats have circumnavigated, and POG members include those cruising the waters of the Caribbean, Europe, North America and Asia.

If you are a Pan Oceanic owner - welcome. POG was formed in 2000, however was suspended in December 2020 when Yahoo Groups was shut down. POG plans to continue, providing a forum to exchange information about our boats.....the improvements and changes we have made, the stories of cruising we have enjoyed. All new forum is coming later in December 2020.

Those searching for a comfortable pilot house cruising boat will find the Pan Oceanics deserve attention. While many pilot house sailboats are really motorsailors and poor sailing boats, the Ted Brewer designed Pan Oceanics are truly sailboats that happen to enjoy pilot houses. The hull design is moderate/heavy, providing a suitable compromise between cruising comfort and sailing performance.

There are three core models - the Pan Oceanic 38, 43, and 46. The boats have a distinctive pilot house / flush deck appearance. Pan Oceanic yachts feature heavily built fiberglass hulls and rich interior woodwork.

All the boats do share a fine pedigree - they were all designed by renowned naval architect Ted Brewer.

Enjoy cruising around the site - you will find much information about the boats including a history of the design, specifications and lots of photos.

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